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Banking as a service

VistaMoney's technology is banking as a service API that lets your business get entrenched in financial services. Ideal for neo banks, our integration enables users to build a suite of digital banking products, deposits, and loans and manage cash flows robustly and simply.

Account Summary

Onboard users can verify accounts, and profile details and configure properties of financial products within minutes.

Funds Transfer

Enables the user to transfer funds- In and out with domestic wires to self or any other account.

Bill Payments

Manage your bills online on your utility, insurance, and mutual fund operator services & track their subscriptions.


Invest in financial instruments, various investment schemes offered by banks and anything in between with VistaMoney’s platform.


Effortlessly handle non-financial transactions with our e-services like chequebook requests, account related services, income tax statement requests etc to gain a comprehensive view of your business.


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Build digital banking products on VistaMoney





Issuing electronic cards

Perks that are effortless to scale

  • Frictionless onboarding of users.
  • Tiered interest and pricing configurations.
  • Structured accounts for traditional as well as neo banks.
  • Multiple accounts for a single entity.
  • Pre-build workflows – peer-to-peer transfers, local payment clearings or requests etc.
  • Dynamic and touchless transactions with our electronic cards.

Net Banking

Digital banking – For business

Connect to leading banks with VistaMoney

With our modular components and partnerships with a leading network of banks embed financial services like DNA on your platform. VistaMoney is built for new-age fintech, neo banks and platforms that look to offer financial services.

Benefits for account issuing platforms and fintechs

  • Creation of bank accounts and increased sign-ups in minutes.
  • 100% online KYC checks. No site visits.
  • Give customers a modern and unique digital banking experience by automatically staying updated with ever-evolving verification requirements.
  • Set controls for authentication, verification and flexible financing.
  • Accelerate conversions with intelligent optimization.

Digital banking – For users

Create a better experience for your customers with connected banking

Let your customers experience a streamlined setup and faster access to resources, and financing on VistaMoney’s global infrastructure.

Benefits for Users

  • Seamless onboarding & verification.
  • Link and access multiple existing banks accounts with a single platform.
  • View account balance of all connected balances.
  • Domestic wires and instant conversions.
  • Faster payments fund availability.