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Our software helps you move money, talk to us to obtain a solution customized to your specific business needs

Prepaid Cards

Financial Institutions and Banks enable businesses to have their own prepaid card programs. Our software integrates, customizes and enables innovative products such as:

Payroll Cards

Pay your staff salaries directly onto a customised branded company card.

Reloadable Card

Reloadable prepaid card that provides employers and employees a convenient, low cost alternative to payroll / commission checks.

Virtual Card

Allow your customers to spend instantly at your business. Deliver them a virtual gift card via email, sms, or any other medium anywhere in the world, now.

Digital Cash Voucher

We provide software that allows you users to pay for products and services with CASH.

Easily create your own physical or virtual vouchers.
Manage distribution of your vouchers with one unified interface.
Allow your customers to shop online with cash.
More than half the worlds population cannot shop online. Now we enable them to be your customers

Pay at shop

Our Software enables your users to buy goods online and pay by cash in stores.


No Exposure of your credit card information online.


Your product gets shipped a soon as your payment is done.


No filling in long forms , no topping up e-wallets , simply pay the exact price of your item.

Payments Box

One connection to every payment option globally
The only easy, secure, simple and secure way to pay. No ewallets, long forms, simply pay the exact price of your item


Hosted on multiple AWS instances, a PCI-Certified Enterprise Grade infrastructure.


All transactions are signed and transmitted over a 512-bit SSL tunnel.

Developer Friendly

Simple, intuitive RESTful Interface.

Mobile POS

Vistamoney Mobile POS is the better way to shop online


Download and install our application to your android or iOS phone.


Browse all the online shops you can shop at and get a discount applied to your order.


Swipe your physical card through the dongle provided and your payment gets processed instantly.

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