Payments infrastructure on your platform

Differentiate your platform with better financial services

Personal Finance

Enables customers to manage their budgets and improve their overall sense of finance.


Make a one-stop destination to store, manage and spend funds.


Integrate payments into your platform for a seamless user experience.


Provide easy access to capital to help your customers grow their business.

Financial services

Run financial solutions such as payrolls, tax filings and employee benefits efficiently.


Plan with investments for creating a better future for your business

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Let Vistamoney be your way to the fastest fintech

Scalability and reliability

Vistamoney enables building embedded finance in the most streamlined way. Make reliable and safe payments borderless accelerating customer engagements and revenue.

For Financial Institutions

A complete suite of financial services

Transform Your Business

With our intuitive APIs and integration process gets complete fintech on a single platform- whether for payments, cards, funding, finance or above all.

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